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Cryptid originates from the greek word "Kryptos", meaning hidden, and appropriately so. Most folklore related to cryptids has been shared by word of mouth throughout time and have sparse physical evidence.

Tales of monsters and beasts are integral to human history, and have shaped cultures around the world. Fear is one of the most primal driving forces that has kept humanity alive since the stone age, and Its engrained in us to wonder what lurks beyond the dark.

Many creatures get lumped in with cryptids, but the techincal definition of cryptid, is an animal that has been claimed, but never proven, to exist. Something important to consider when investigating cases of cryptids or other monsters, is that these stories are often closely tied to cultural belief. Its crucial to always approach these studies with respect.


Atlas Obscura Features articles and locations of cryptids and folklore. ATLAS OBSCURA
Bigfoot Field researchers Organization A site founded in 1995 dedicated to the investigation of bigfoot in North America. BFRO
Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal Hosts many reports, stories and sightings about cryptids and the paranormal Phantoms and Monsters
The Centre for Fortean Zoology A UK based site following investigation of mysterious animals and the study of cryptozoology. CFZ

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